Are electric gates noisy?

Franz Friesen asked a question: Are electric gates noisy?
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Whilst no automatic gate kits are especially noisy, the underground operators are amongst the quietest of all the opener types. This is something you may wish to bear in mind if you live in a residential street, especially if you are likely to be operating your electric gates during the night time hours.

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If your motor is old and outdated, you can probably expect it to be noisy. If you have an old brush motor, it can get gummed up and the brushes need to be replaced often. One the advances of today’s electronic gate technology is the brushless motor that allows for lower maintenance and a much longer lifespan.

Noise. Sometimes, an automatic gate can generate a large amount of noise when opening and closing. There could be a number of reasons behind it that don’t always seem immediately clear. Usually, the noise occurs because the mechanism that moves the gates is worn out.

Noise gates have a threshold control to set the level at which the gate will open. More advanced noise gates have more features. The release control is used to define the length of time the gate takes to change from open to fully closed. It is the fade-out duration. A fast release abruptly cuts off the sound, whereas a slower release smoothly attenuates the signal from open to closed ...

So compressors make the loud parts of a signal quieter (more regular throughout) whereas gates make the quieter parts even more quiet (removing unwanted noise). Gates work well on any sounds in a signal that may be quieter than the desired sound you are capturing (like a snare, or a tom). Noise Gates will help remove: Ambient background noise

Electric gates are very complicated to install. So it is recommended that if this is the issue with your gate, you get in contact with an electric gate repair specialist rather than risk potentially damaging the gate further by attempting a DIY job. Gate Locks Keep Jamming.

A grinding sound could mean the mechanism which moves the gates together and apart may have become worn out. This problem can be fixed one of two ways: either have the mechanism taken apart and reassembled or have a new part fitted. Click here for gates that operate perfectly without any noise.

A set of electric gates stand at the end of the drive, next to the road; they are jointly owned by our neighbours on each side. The neighbours are a couple on on side, with whom we share the drive, and their daughter on the other. The gates are not ours, but we have right of access through them to our property.

Soon to be no more thank god. Electrician seems to have tracked the fault to the intercom. Symptoms were that the gates opened all the time, until they decided not to, when one would be half open ...

If your electric gate has stopped working there is probably a good chance it's the same fault as shown being fixed in this video. These gate motors are made...

You should check the edge transmitters. These will be found on the gates with reversing edges. There could be a battery issue which means you will have to change the battery. Make sure you buy the right type of battery depending on the type of your edge transmitter. If there is nothing wrong with the battery, then the problem is the transmitter itself.

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