Are electric fireplaces supposed to be hot?

Janick Harris asked a question: Are electric fireplaces supposed to be hot?
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How much heat do electric fireplaces put out?

  • The heat output for electric fireplaces is measured in British thermal units . A standard electric fireplace puts out around 5,000 Btu, about the same as a residential space heater, and can adequately warm a small- to medium-size room.

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Electric fireplaces are kid and pets safe. Are electric fireplaces safe.Electric fireplace safety tips the heating element is hot when switched on. Electric fireplaces and space heaters are an affordable way to heat up many rooms in the home and while they may be cleaner and easier to use than a traditional wood or gas burning fireplace you should take into consideration all safety warnings ...

Electric Fireplace Pros: Décor Pros. The decor and design possibilities of electric fireplaces are almost infinite. It is virtually certain you can find a fireplace to meet your homes’ existing decor while creating a fashion forward focal point for any room. Electric fireplaces can be real space savers compared to traditional fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces can be noisy, with built-in fans running at high blast.Normally, electric fireplaces run quietly, with the only major noise being the crackling of the “fire.” However, due to malfunctions or simple wear and tear over the years, sometimes they may start making other, less ambient noises.

Mine is always quite warm with just the pilot, which is the main reason I turn it off during the summer months. I guess it probably depends on the model and type. Some that have the venting at a hard 90 degrees versus a 45 or vertical venting will have more heat in the fireplace as well.

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