Are electric cars better then gas cars?

Catherine Rogahn asked a question: Are electric cars better then gas cars?
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  • If you’re looking for an eco-friendly car, then electric vehicles are the clear winner. They also perform better when it comes to fuel economy and maintenance costs. The main thing that gas-powered cars have going for them is that they’re cheaper, and the infrastructure to refuel them is already well-established around the U.S.

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An electric vehicle has fewer moving components than a gasoline or diesel vehicle. Compared to fuel cars, servicing is simple, less frequent, and overall less expensive. While repairing, EV components like a beny DC isolator can be found easily in the market. Electric vehicle batteries deteriorate over time.

Once electric cars become more common in the market, consumers will crave more acceleration. Gas cars can drive long distances because of gas stations and a longer fuel range, but once charging stations become popular, the two platforms are the same. Another thing that makes electric cars better is the cost.

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