Are all gas cooker hoses the same?

Marlen Robel asked a question: Are all gas cooker hoses the same?
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Different Types of Gas Hoses:

Natural gas is lighter than LPG gas, so the gas hose has to be manufactured to different standards. Therefore it is important that when you are purchasing a new gas hose you are confident you have the correct one for your appliance.

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The same rules apply, gas safety is the number one priority. One hose pipe that tends to get overlooked sometimes, even on a safety inspection is the cooker hose. All cookers should be fitted with the correct hose, you cannot fit a natural gas hose on an LPG cooker, which we see quite a lot.

pipe sizing is about pressure loss rather than volume of gas, the restrictive cooker hose wont pose a problem if it is fitted to a correctly sized supply, however if the supply pipe is undersized the installation could be under gassed and not operate correctly of safely and increase the risk of the appliance producing carbon monoxide.

That holds true for the same kits that have dual hoses for side burner applications. The kits are generally imported from overseas and do not have a high quality regulator on them. In addition, the hose is clamped onto the end of the regulator making it impossible to replace one piece of the kit.

A Selection of Natural Gas cooker hoses of different lengths including 1m, 1.25m, 1.5m and 2m. Two types of bayonet connections, they both isolate the gas when the fitting is removed from the bayonet socket. Standard Bayonet Type and Plug-In Micropoint.

separate hobs don't have a flexible rubber gas-hose like cookers do, so will need a gas-safe engineer to install them and possibly change the pipe layout. Meaure the old one and compare it to new. Like sinks, they usually have a hole an inch or so smaller that the top, so the rim sits on the worktop.

A gas cooker does not have to be installed by a Gas safe fitter. The law actually says "competent person". If you have a gas point you can buy the hose at B+Q and fit it yourself. If you have any doubts I'd certainly recommend getting a pro fitter. £50 for peace of mind, and legal cover just in case anything went wrong, is reasonable.

Gas Cooker Hoses from Cooker Spare Parts. There are a number of different gas hoses on the market today, so when it comes to replacing your gas cooker hose, it can all seem rather overwhelming! In this blog post, we will aim to explain to you the different types of gas hose and what they are used for; hopefully, when you come to purchase your replacement gas cooker hose, you will be relatively ...

Is the threaded end of the hose the same size on the micro hoses as the standard hoses (i.e. the end that connects to the cooker)? The installation instructions do not state whether to use a microline or standard hose. My gas pipe ends with a standard size bayonet. Therefore will a standard hose fit the cooker?

In reality, The Gas Safety Regulations make it illegal for anyone to carry out work relating to gas supply and fittings who is not competent. In practice, this means leaving all the work on your gas system, including fitting gas cooker hoses, to an accredited professional. Always choose a qualified gas fitter who is registered with Gas Safe.

There are five types of gas cooker hoses: Standard hose for natural gas Standard hose for LPG Microline hose for natural gas Microline hose for LPG Catering hose

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