A substance will conduct electric current if it?

Gavin Grimes asked a question: A substance will conduct electric current if it?
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  • A substance that will conduct electricity only under certain conditions is called a semiconductor. What is a substance that conducts an electrical current called? The substance which allows electric current to flow through it is called a conductor. A good conductor of electricity is that material, which conducts electricity easily.

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Switch on the current and find out whether the solid conducts electricity or not, then switch the current off again. Set the crucible over a Bunsen burner on a pipeclay triangle and tripod, and clamp the electrodes in position over the crucible. Gently heat the sample until it just melts, and then turn off the Bunsen flame. If necessary lower the electrodes into the molten substance, before clamping them again. Switch on the current again. Does the molten substance conduct electricity now ...

Some substances in aqueous solution can conduct electricity due to the movement of dissolved ions throughout the solution.. Substances that dissociate into component ions when placed in aqueous solution are called electrolytes.. Which substances are electrolytes? Basically any soluble ionic compound, acids and bases are electrolytes, because they have capacity to dissolve into ions. Molecules like #"C"_6"H"_12"O"_6# and #"CO"_2# do not have any ions to dissociate into, so they are ...

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