6.2 l v8 ford gas or diesel?

Imogene Larson asked a question: 6.2 l v8 ford gas or diesel?
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  • The 6.2L SOHC 2-valve Flex Fuel V8 is a gas-powered engine and it comes standardly equipped on all 2020 Ford F-250 trim levels. This engine is designed to deliver peak torque at a lower revolutions per minute (RPM) and generates high torque throughout the midrange of the powerband.

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The 6.2 is pretty reliable so it will be interesting. The bad thing about it is Ford had a chance to lead the game with the 7.3 and as of now the reviews dont even show it outperforming the GM gas motor. Kind of like when Ford came out with the V10 to compete against GMs 6.0L and it was a flop.

I come the the realization that everyone is sleeping on the old 6.2! The 6.2 Gas v8 from ... Just looking around under the hood of my super duty 6.2 gas engine.

The 6.2 L diesel emerged as a high-MPG alternative to the V8 gasoline engine lineup, and achieved better mileage than the General Motors 4.3 L V6 gasoline engines of the 1980s, at a time when the market was focused on power rather than efficiency.

Ford. 6.2-liter Ford Engine Dubbed as the “Boss 6.2L” Ford’s 6.2-liter V8 engine went into production almost a decade ago, back in 2010. It was made specifically for the high-performance version of the F-150 SVT Raptor. The word “Boss” is actually an internal namesake for the 6.2-liter V8 engine, used similarly just like the “5.0L Coyote.”.

The new breed of Ford's Super Duty trucks was introduced in 2017. These heavy haulers are offered with 2 engine options: the gas-powered 6.2-liter V8, and the diesel-powered 6.7-liter V8. Both are thoroughly capable powerplants. The diesel is meant for more heavy duty hauling and towing.

Ford 7.3 V8 gas Godzilla engines offer a nice middle ground. It offers a little more performance for those who need it without being as overkill as the 6.7 diesel. Ford 6.2 Boss Engines. Ford 6.2L gas engines – also known as the 6.2 Boss – are the standard option for F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks.

This engine was introduced as a stronger alternative to the 6.2-liter gas V8, offering more power with a smaller price tag than the diesel. However, the modern Ford Super Duty pickups with the Power Stroke diesel pack far more torque while getting better fuel economy.

If you're looking for superior towing capacity, you'll likely find yourself choosing the 6.7L Turbocharged Diesel V8 over the gas-powered 6.2L V8. Towing and Payload capacity can be found below: 6.2L DOHC V8 - Max. Towing Capacity of 15,000 lbs. / Max. Payload Capacity of 4,250 lbs. 6.7L Power Stroke® Turbodiesel - Max.

Just out of curiosity, what is everyones thoughts on the 6.2l gas engine vs an older diesel (ex. 6.0 or 7.3). Where I’m from, a lower mile older diesel goes for approximately the same price as a early model 6.2 gas. Which do y’all think is better for daily driving. And which one do y’all think is more fun . (I know I know, trucks aren’t meant to be race cars, but who doesn’t love gettin on it once in a while)

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