302 gas mileage?

Wava McDermott asked a question: 302 gas mileage?
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How to improve gas mileage

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It could get around 20 mpg on average. In the 302's what kind of average gas mileage are you guys and gals getting. I am maybe (Keep your fingers crossed for me) getting a land deal to finally go through, and if it does, I was probably (Ok definately) going to get another 68.

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Anyone have any suggestions for improving gas mileage on an old 302? I'm thinking all the run of the mill stuff like upgrade the air filter, better flow through the exhaust, tune up with top notch plugs and wires. Then, of course, check all the normal stuff like tire pressure and whatever. Run a carb cleaner and all that jazz.

On my freshly rebuilt 302, 20 over, everything stock except flat top pistons, in 3500 miles of driving since rebuild the MPG range is 12.5 to 15.5. This is @ 65 on the freeway. I have kept records and receipts of all milage and gas. I drive the same round trip distance each day 93 miles.

That's like 7.2 miles per gallon, Provided your Fuel gauge isn't scamming you. See what Chips are Availble to you for econmy and replace it. Run some Good injector Cleaner through it...and Do All, As Double Vision Suggested.

What MPG's are you getting from your 302? I've been getting more and more let down at the fuel pump. Average MPG's are around 12.5 mixed city/highway driving. Mods are in my sig, I thought I'd be doing much better with 'just a 302' and the t-56 but I'm not.

My perfectly tuned 302 2bbl got an average of 10.5 mpg. Changed to 4bbl. it yielded 16.9 mpg driving conservatively.

I have gotten 32.9 MPG 302 in a 4000 lbs 87 Grand marquis. Just for availibilty of partrs would lean towards a 302. Have put bigger heads on a 260 back in the day it wanted lots of RPM to work not much low end. Dont remember the MPG could get regular for 11 cents a gallon back then.

kjvforme Founding Member Oregon Chapter Vet Zone. Looking for some info, my son has the above and is getting lousy fuel mileage and was wondering if it was normal. he is averaging around 8-9 MPG. it a 4x4, but man that is lousy for a 302. I thought the fuel injection would have way better mileage than that.

I averaged 13-14 MPG on all the 302 e40d 3:55 rears 4x4 ex cab trucks I had (about 5 of that combo) andI live in hilly area. auto hubs have been known to not disengage causing MPG also Good luck post up often

1968 Ford Mustang MPG. Based on data from 21 vehicles, 374 fuel-ups and 49,465 miles of driving, the 1968 Ford Mustang gets a combined Avg MPG of 12.64 with a 0.32 MPG margin of error. Below you can see a distribution of the fuel-ups with 18 outliers (4.59%) removed. Following shows the average MPG of each of the 21 vehicles in the system.

6 Vehicles. 596 Fuel-ups. 93,937 Miles Tracked. View All 1973 Ford F-100s. 1972. 10.1 Avg MPG. 4 Vehicles. 214 Fuel-ups. 25,781 Miles Tracked.

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